RevolverHD 1.3.2

Burn Blu-ray-compatible DVDs


  • No need for Blu-ray disks
  • Burned disks work in most Blu-ray players


  • Demo only burns up to 250MB
  • May not work with some Blu-ray players


RevolverHD is supposed to be used in conjunction with VoltaicHD so that you can play back your edited high definition movies from iMovie08 on the Playstation3.

In addition though, it allows you to create Blu-ray compatible DVDs so that you've got a complete HDTV editing and playback suite. This is fantastic for all those that don't have or can't afford a Blu-ray burner or simply don't have any Blu-ray disks.

RevolverHD is a very lightweight program and burning AVCHD clips straight from your camera to HD format is very simple. Simply open RevolverHD and add the required MTS or m2ts files. The just set your preference to "Blu-ray" DVD's and click burn. The result is a DVD that can be played on most Blu-ray players although it should be noted that there's no guarantee it will work on every single manufacturer.

With Blu-ray still taking off and HD editing an increasingly important aspect of video production, RevolverHD gives Mac users professional processing power in a remarkably lightweight utility.

Updated Disk Archive to work with Snow Leopard Updated icons and text


  • Updated Disk Archive to work with Snow Leopard Updated icons and text

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RevolverHD 1.3.2

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